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2010-06-17 11:48:04 (UTC)

da family drama

dear diary

itz crazy to me how my mom alwayz yellz at me fo stuff
dat u really shouldnt get in trouble for. my brutha does
some of da same things but he doesnt get in trouble for it
at alll. i kno i HAD an attitude problem but i changed to
make my mother happy but now she not da one datz not happy
itz me. itz like wen itz juz me and her she wannna be alll
kool wit me but den wen my brutha step dad or sumbody else
wannna cum around she wanna be a azz to me. my brutha iz 4
years older den me and he gets away wit alot of things
unlike me i get in trouble fo stupid stuff. my brutha dont
neva clean hiz bathroom but i clean mine and wen it aint
done rite i get hollered at but my brutha dont even clean
hiz at alll. soooo i juz think like welll at least im
puttin an effort in cleanin it but it doesnt matta to my
mom. az much stuff az my brutha snitched on me about i
could open my mouth up and snitch on him but fo sum reason
im not dat type of person to do it. i kno alll hiz lil
secrets dat he think i dont kno but i do and if i snitch
he gone be in hell of trouble but i juz kant do it. my mom
alwayz come home from a bad at work or something and take
her anger out on me fo no reason. and wen shes so called
stressed out she hitz me mostly in my face and ppl alwayz
wonder wat happen to my face but i lie and make up
sumthing to say. it aint like if i leave ima have sumwhere
to go. my stepdad let my mom run ova him and everytime she
does sumthing wrong to me he juz sit der and go along wit
it but he reallly doesnt want to. everytime i try o telll
sumbody bout how i get treated in diz house most ppl say
well they are your parents and it notin u can do bout it
and i alwayz tell myself dat i would neva treat my family
like diz if i every have one.and wat really irks my nerves
wen it comes to my mom iz wen she say im da baddest and
onlii bitch in diz house" ok like u can be a bitch i know
your a bitch cuz u act like one alll da time soooo wen she
say dat i see dat she dont have any type of respect fo
herself. but honestly im sick of tryin to be nice and have
a betta attitude and tryin to change fo sumbody who bein
an azzhole to me . i alwayz get straight a's on my report
card onlii got 2 detentions in my life but on da otha hand
my brutha dem grades r like WOW!! not in a good way either
and he been suspended soo may times and my mom use me to
make her look better for ppl. she would take my report
card everywhere and she ppl and say i teach my lil girl
welll" and i juz luk at ha wit a stank luk like bitch plz.
and im very talented and i plan on havin a very successful
life and i dont want my family in it i juz wanna start my
own family and not even mention my parents or brutha in
notin at alll soo i feel like wen i get older dey dont
have to worry bout me cleanin up da bathroom notin like
dat soo if i have kids dey not gone kno dey grandparents
or uncle i kno itz stupid but datz how i feel and datz wat
ima do live my life without dat drama dat dey bring to my
life and it messin up my childhood years i really dont
want dat to effect my adult years wen im on my own. and da
most crazy thing about my life iz dat i have a boyfriend
dat i love sooooooooooooooooooo much 3 and i been wit him
fo like 9 months and he treat hella gud and my frnz treat
me betta den my family datz a damn shame but now im sick
of talkin bout my family dat i really dont care for no
more sooooo all i got to say now iz drama between a family
iz like hell.

sincerly cydney

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