Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
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2010-06-16 22:13:16 (UTC)

Chloe Apperley

well, chloe apperley, i met the girl in year 7, she was
bestmates with my best mates, we all were bestmates but i
noticed she left me out alot, and i started to get the
feeling she didnt like me, i wasnt bothered that she didnt
like me at all, but i didnt know if she did or not, but it
wasnt untill year 8 i realised she hated me, she made up
lies that i stole underwear from primark, and started
bullshitting, and she hated that me and demi were such good
friends, we did scouts together see, and chloe hated it.
anyay few days ago i had had enough, and i new there would
be consequences but i just lost it, walked right up to her
and blatently asked what is your problem dude? she didnt
reply and i thought just leave meg, but no i said 'look im
talking to you whats your problem with me?' anyway it
turned into a sort of argument, and she cried. i couldnt
explain how happy i was, its not in my nature to do that
see,anyway, now she saying im immature and that she will
get revenge, yeah id like to see that, she scared when its
1 on 1 well we will soon see as im having words with her
tomorow maybe, i will get back to you on what happens

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