Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
2010-06-16 22:03:52 (UTC)

16 16 2010

As I Sat There Up in my bed, chatting to him on facebook,
watching everybody log out one by one, i paused for a
moment, and thought wait, im talking dirty-ish to ollie! i
had a giggle to my self, i dont get pulled that easily,
Yeah sure, i'll go along with it, but no chance anything
more. Id been like that for a long time after i realised
im a bit bigger busted than other girls, and well, boys
will be boys, personality doesnt matter does it, its all
about the ass and tits, shame really.
I don't know what my first reaction would be if I woke up
and you were on top of me :L x

:L..What Are The Choices ??:P x

Dunno, what would you like them to be??? :P x

Well, If i WasOn Top Of You, What
Wouldf You Do??x

Not alot to start with :P x

What would you want me to do???:P x

to start with lol .. so, you know im on top of you, now
what do you do :P x

Well, Why Am I On Top Of You In The First Place?? x

I don't know I would ask you that :P x

And there was lots more lol.

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