The Apocalypse
2010-06-16 20:52:54 (UTC)


I'm done explaining how I feel. If I hurt I will deal with
it on my own. I wont let me and Monicas relationship hurt
me anymore. Thats a lie, how am I suppose to ignore the
feelings? I let her read the first entry and then she says
she is "hurt" and "now I know how she felt for a long
time" when I cheated. I doubt she could have said anything
worse than that. It seems like whenever I say I got hurt
she brings that up and then says "the past is the past"
then why the fuck can't she let it go? I guess she doesn't
know I think about what I did to her everyday. I regret
it. Doesn't she get that yet? If i could take it back I
would. She said she broke her 2 rules for me.

1.)Never cry over someone in a relationship.
2.)Never go back to someone who has cheated on you.

Well I am glad she broke those for me, But not if she
keeps bringing it up like she did earlier. I can't keep
doing it. I love her I hope she realizes that. She is my

I know you are reading this babe because I gave you my
password. I'm sorry I hurt you, ok? I love you more than
life, Never forget that.