2010-06-16 19:57:05 (UTC)

i want need have to should could might will maybe. . .

mommy daddy money marijuana newports orangejuice pinnapple
and banana bennytowakeupandbehappyso i can be happyso
we'llhaveagoodday! showerandthingstogetcleanwith
moneymoneymoney!!!!!!my dad needs to send me 100 dolla.i
need 50 now.i gotta go to the psychiatrist
soooooooooooon.mon. thru fri. 9-1 bring birth certificate
ssc prooof of payment proof of residence i must.i want to
wake up every morning around 10 to natural sunlight
instead of 2 to complete darkness.i need better food
options.i need places to go and things to do and money to
do those things.i need friends.i need my family they're
too far away.but i need my new family too.i need to get my
rotting tooth out i need a G.E.D. i need a license and a
car.i need to actually do something instead of sitting
here and writing about 18 mom and dad are
gone.i have to.but i need help. . .