Confessions of madness
2010-06-15 22:13:07 (UTC)

The Genital Garden

The Genital Garden is the name of my piece that was held at
the exhibition today. Tonight was the private view, friends,
families ect. The show runs a week and a half as far as i am
aware and if its anything like this evening then its going
to be one hell of a show.
I didn't actually get to see much of the show as i was too
busy checking on my piece to listen to comments and
considering my piece is a huge canvas with two bright pink
flowers and two giant genitals i was very suprised to hear
most people loving it! I was expecting slander and dirty
comments about how inapropriete it was but all i got was
praise. I even had some friends get so inspired with it that
they are going to name one of their songs 'Genital Garden'
so i am extremely chuffed with myself.
My two best friends came to support me and now i have a war
between about 10 people who want to have the painting once
the exhibition is over because i unfotunatly cannot keep it
in my own home due to my mother.
She also came to see it and even though i know she was going
to find it differcult to see she only made comments like
"Your walking home" and "It ain't going in my house". But
atleast i have somewhere to live.
So all in all im having a great time being an artist. I
sometimes think about if i should abandon art, get a real
job, do something worth while but then things like this,
seeing my artwork being appreciated by others just lights up
my life. I could be having the worst fucking day but someone
comments on my artwork, or i create a new piece and my body
is just lifted into a sense of bliss.
However hard i tried i doubt i will ever be able to give
that up, though i don't think i will ever want to. Ever.