Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
2010-06-15 16:18:33 (UTC)

A book idea

I'm thinking about writing a book. A book about when two
people are in love but still can't get along because of
stupid stuff. I mean really. I spend every other Saturday
alone in the house, yeah I could go out but this is suppose
to be OUR weekend. Meanwhile, he is playing golf every
weekend, every saturday morning he wakes and plays golf and
doesn't return until about 6:00 or later. Last weekend he
even went to play poker after golf on OUR weekend..yeah

So on the kids weekend what I finally get to see my
grandson after 2 months and he spends the night. We have
no where really to sleep but I would make a little bed for
him on the floor in the family room and sleep with him.
But he is watching TV until really really late so we fall
asleep in the bed. I guess he was mad because he claims he
didn't have anywhere to sleep. Even though I spent 488.00
on a MAN CAVE for him, yeah it has a futon and very nice
surroundings...he could have crash there for this ONE
motherfucking night! But he rather be a bitch. How
selfish. He rather say mean things like I'm hating this

See how stupid this hard could it have been to
just sacracfic one night to make me happy? Not too mention
in the past he has said, oh I can sleep on the couch you
guys should stay in the bed...whatever...I live in a house
with two psychos....moody bitches both of them..

Then they wonder why I drink and take medication.

Do I ever complain about him playing golf all the fucking
time..nope because I know it makes him happy and I want him
to be happy. But he doesn't give a shit about my happiness
really...well not when it complicates his plans. That's
the definition of selfishness.