Life In My Words
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2010-06-15 08:24:21 (UTC)

my life is a soap opera

oh golly. okay. so i didnt know i could do
this from my phone, and our router broke
so this is my only internet access. yay(: but
anywhoozers, lots to tell. mrs.
sexybestfriend got weirdddd. he started
asking for stuff and telling me to do stuff,
and he made out with two girls he didnt
even know within two hours. so i dont really
talk to him anymore. but, i started talking to
mr. ex. wow. i forgot how amazing he was.
hes breaking up with "best friend" and
wanted my advice(: and then he went on to
tell me hs still in love with me and i still love
him. ugh. crap. hes so perfect for me. thats
the problem. but we have decided to not
make anything official. just have fun. be
flirty. like an open relationship type thing.
which is fine by me. i wanna be single. but
were hanging out tomorrow and im afraid i
wont be able to not totally attack him. like
its an addiction. ughh. but its all a secret
because we dont want people to know
because people still think we hate
eachother and its so hard to explain.
people will think were crazy. ugh. im
confused and nervous and ugh. blah.