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2010-06-14 21:22:11 (UTC)

Pressing my buttons

Ex really pissed me off today. I was trying to be cordial. I
listen to her on what upsets her the most and I the same. We
were trying to not piss each other off so we agreed not to
do the things that piss us off the most.

Well, she can't even try for 24 hrs. Today, I let her press
my buttons again. She does this so often and I am such a
fool to let her do it.

I wouldn't even let her but the kids are involved so I'm
trying to be civil for them. Ex is just not cooperating She
constantly cancels appts. No shows or always forget to bring
whatever docs I needed.

The last one was for her. It was so that the trustee don't
take her SUV. All we needed was the title and registration
to show the trustees. Did she bring them? Noooooo. Fuck her.
If the trustees take her suv, then it sucks to be her.

Ex told me that both cars that the older kids have are in
the shop. She also told me that she is the one that actually
took a loan for her 19 yr old. That means she took out loans
for both older kids.

The money Ex is getting is suppose to be for the 7 yr old
girl. Her bio-dad's SS. However, the older kids are using
and taking it. Poor thing. She is getting ripped off by her
family and she doesn't even know it.

Poor little girl. No one to stand up for her while her spic
family rips her off. She will have nothing at 18yrs old.

Karma will get these bastards!!!!