Confessions of madness
2010-06-14 21:10:59 (UTC)


Tomorrow is my college exhibition. The end of year show
which we have worked up to. I am absolutely excited.
According to my dreams i have been shitting myself. Ive
already had 2 dreams that this have gone wrong for me so
inside im bricking it but really im just so excited to have
people i don't even know come to look at my work in awe or
in disgust.
For my project i have decided to base it on pornography.
Seeing as i watch more porn then anyone i know i thought
that being a great deal of my life it deserved a chance to
shine. I then started looking into how people felt about
pornography but then wondered why we saw as a society,
pornography bad. Doesn't sexual urges and our genitals come
from nature to begin with? We all have the same body parts,
so why we so upset and disgusted by them?
So out of all of that i have created a huge painting of two
beautiful, graceful hibiscus flowers BUT one has a penis,
the other a vagina. To show how genitals don't have to be
scary looking things and how that nature also has
reproductive organs, we just don't care.
So yeah tomorrow i get to show the world my art. Well
tomorrow is the private viewing for family and friends by
our invitation. Then onwards is the public viewings so
anyone can wander in to see it and alot of school kids come
to check it out so im going to be very popular indeed.
Despite everyone not seeing this as a big deal i see it as a
big deal, for me this is like my prom and graduation (which
i refused to go to) all wrapped up in one. Sad i guess but
its true, my artwork is all i really care about and would
make a huge deal out of.
Plus my best friend is coming, dispite the issues with her
new man which is really nice cause i haven't seen her for a
while and out of everyone i really want her to be there to
see the product of me working like crazy. Plus we have
agreed that this summer we are going to spend as much time
as possible and im going to help her pick her pagan name and
im going to live at her house for a couple weeks then most
likely vis-versa. So its not all doom and gloom with me. :)