sam`s diary
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2010-06-14 10:39:13 (UTC)



.I just made this online diary to xpress my feelings..

-first of ol, me and my cousins went to south sea
resort.,but me and my sister forgot to turn off the aircon
in our room,then later on,in the afternoon, i went to the
C.R and forgot to turn of the lights,and my mom got mad
because she says we are like princesses, or brats, then she
complains, again and again, then when I went out off the
door to get something, my mom told me that "I think you
should go to a dorm" and I told my sister that, and she said
"that wont happen" then when I went in my mom`s room, she
tld me that she's gonna ask my dad, if he approves if we
will stay in a dorm and some other stuff why we are going to
go to a dorm, so I started weeping in her room,I went out so
she would not see me cry.and I went to the dinning table to
get a snack with my sister,and told her everything she kept
on telling me "dont cry, that wont happen I know dad, he
wont approve" then my mom joined us, she told me that if we
dont change, she is really going to put us in a dorm, me
crying, my sister looking angry and upset, my mom gave us a
choice, either to go to a dorm or change our attitudes,she
also told us that she only wants us to be happy, but the
dorm will just make us more miserable,my sister walks out, I
follow her, because shes the older one, so my mom said,
"ohw, your just gonna walk, ok I'll look for a dormitory." I
went inside our room crying again. soo thats it..

I want to live my life happily,I want to enjoy it.! but IF
we go to a dorm, my dream will not come true. :'c i hope my
dad, wont approve.