Festina cum Deus
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2010-06-14 07:50:46 (UTC)

A little Faith goes a long way....

So, this weekend I had a birthday party to stop by for my
friend Claudia. She's a partier type girl and I'd been
there last year so I had known to a degree what I was
going to expect, though I didn't expect to make it to the
party....had a lot of things to do this weekend, but
managed to fit in some time to go.

Well, I show up, and I'm in a great mood, and I'm not even
there for five minutes before I see a newborn baby in it's
carseat carrier while the baby's parents are mingling.
Everyone has had the chance to see the baby, and for some
reason, I just absolutely felt the need, the desire, the
inner urge being pulled to, to hold the baby.

Now, I'm not one who just up and asks strange people I
don't know if I may hold their newborn child, but it's
what was on my heart at the time. The couple, being nice
as they were, didn't see much reason to not trust me as I
was a good friend of Claudias, and I have nephews/nieces
myself, but it'd been a while since I held any small
child. The baby was only a month old I'd learned

So I'm handed the baby while I'm sitting in the chair, and
@ first, she's getting comfortable looking to see who this
big person is holding onto them, but then she calmed down.
As I'm holding her, I thought I had heard a friend say the
child's name was Stephanie, but they were talking about
someone else. I ask what the childs' name is, and she


Immediately, my hear sinks, my eyes well up, and I'm just
over come with all those awesome happy joy joy feelings
you get inside when you're partaking in something
beautiful. You see, it turns out that this couple had
given up on attempting to have children. I didn't get to
hear the whole story, but from the sounds of it, there
were two people who had many years trouble working towards
pregnancy. The man is 43 and he was talking about how
they'd all but given up, and then they found out she was
pregnant. They named the baby after having faith, hope,
and charity.

And it was @ that moment, that very moment, did I
recognize why it was so on my heart to hold this small

My circumstances were remarkably similar in the case of my
childbirth. My mother had stopped wanting to have children
after her first 4, and so her tubes had been tied. When my
father met her, he'd wanted a child, but knew my mother
couldn't have any.

So when I was found out by my parents, they gave me the
name of Timothy, which is from the ancient Greek
Timotheos, which means "Honoring God".

And as I held Faith in my hands, and looked on her with
eyes that were seeing a miracle, I realized what it must
have been like for my family when I was first born, what
it must have been like, to have this new living,
breathing, existing being, and having been blessed enough
to have been given a chance to have a child.

I cannot begin to explain how much sheer happiness and joy
I felt for the couple and their new addition to their
family. To hear them speak so highly(and with utmost
humility) about the blessing they'd been given, it, it was
an honor and a privilege to share just a few minutes in
their joy, and their happiness, and know that God smiled
on them.

This weekend was a weekend of solidifying some things for
me, and I know it was things out of my own personal
control that needed the solidifying from an outside
source.....well, the source knew exactly what I
needed....and it gave me an excellent upgrade.