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2010-06-14 04:01:22 (UTC)


i need to go.i need to go really bad.over the last six
months i've been switching off between a long list of
different symptoms. lately it's been panic attacks so bad
that i forget where i am sometimes who i am and i am very
confused.what exactly about i'm not sure.i've been feeling
what is like i'm outside of my body watching myself.alot
of the time i zone out and i drift away from my
surroundings mentally i'm somewhere else.the
hallucinations have died down alot but i still have some
visuals.colors and bugs on me i feel them too but they're
not there.whispering and a constant feeling like someone
or something is watching me.waiting for an opportunity to
attack.i have obsessive thoughts to hurt
emotions can change instantly because of any little
thing.and once i cry it's hard to stop my mind keeps
replaying things that have happened how things used to
be.i hate living with this constant anxiety of not knowing
what problem i'm going to have next and not knowing if
it's ever going to stop.

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