2010-06-12 10:18:01 (UTC)

Mbt M Walk expanded the strategic target

The risk of a computation is an important difference
between the successful entrepreneurs and failure.for
example,the company of MBT Shoes. another important
difference is risk control,the risk control tool is system.

During the first half of 2001,decided to big decisions
whicn make strategy to adjust the structure of the
organization of MBT shoesafter consulting hire McKinsey.
This footwear is specially priced because they have new
MBT Brand Shoes they are trying to promote.The enterprise
divided centralism management system into seven
division,with the whole enterprise operation mode.the new
operation mode of mbt sale, provid strong support in front
of everyone becomes difficult.Compared with the formation
of the strategic analysis model, strategic thinking of mbt
sale has become a kind of habit, feel, or cognitive
abilities mode.