L o n e r

My Diary
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2010-06-12 03:29:52 (UTC)

First Entry

Hello, I'm Loner.
I like my ex boyfriend [lets call him Earl] and I want to know
If he still likes me.
(If you want the whole story,why I broke up with him, email me
at [email protected])

I've only seen him once in the past year (twice if you count
the five minutes at wal-mart) when I saw him, half the time he
avoided me and the other half he acted all friendly.
My friend that was with me kept telling me he was staring.
His sister told me that she knew I liked Earl. I denied it.
He acted like an idiot around his friends and one of his
friends mentioned Earl and my relationship. Then Earl shook my
hand before I left. (Weird much? I thought so...)
(note: a few weeks before, I confessed to Earl that I like him
again but told him to forget about it if he didn't feel the
same way)
Is there any indication that he may like me? If so should I
proceed to re-ask him out this summer at camp?
I really like this guy and I want a second chance with him.
I need your help to know if he likes me or not.
Am I blind?