Mirror Maze
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2010-06-12 02:41:01 (UTC)

My Relocations Thoughts

In my move to LA from San Francisco I realized I was looking forward to it for so
long because I thought it was my home, coming back to an area that is
somewhat familiar to you is supposed to feel good, or at least I thought it was
going to. I don't feel any differently, I still don't like being outside in public, I
still don't like people, I don't like all the things I didn't like before it's just that
now I can easily escape all of them. In SF I pretty much had to take public
transportation, I would be on BART and would be uncomfortably close to people,
trying to avoid eye contact with anyone, in LA I'm driving everywhere. I haven't
even had to say anything to anyone if I didn't want to. I haven't had to be closer
to anyone than I wanted to be. I'm barely outside even. I do have a few friends
that I've kept in touch with but I feel like they're my only contact to the outside
world. For that reason I don't know if I want to hang out with them but I think I
do since all I have is my girlfriend and we're at home together all the time so it
gets kind of old especially since she has yet to find a job. I honestly can't wait till
she starts working and I finally get some alone time, which in the end is the
thing that is causing me all of this, the need to be alone too much.

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