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2010-06-11 21:12:52 (UTC)

Do I move forward today, or have I taken a step back through my actions?

Just about a month ago, I was hired on @ Jamba Juice, the
corporate world juice lovers. Dontcha know everyone is
always healthy now, and they want the freshest, most
perfectly picked ingredients they can get?

I was hired right before my bowling troupe went to Las
Vegas, so I was out of town for a few days and managed to
get myself sick as a dog, throwing up, puking, all the
glamourous stuff that usually takes place when you're
running a fever of 102 for a few days.

Jamba makes it clear during orientation that if you're sick
like that, you can't come to work, bc of all the fresh
foods you'll handle, and, well, people don't like sickies
to handle their food. It's just how it is. We fear germs
and disease so much that we think as long as a sick person
doesn't prepare my food, I'll be safe and healthy.

So I miss two days of work, but end up feeling better and
actually head in the next day, not on schedule, but was
added on. So @ this point, I've missed 1 shift of work.
Remember that.

And did I mention shifts are only 4 hours long, and the pay
is minimum wage? Remember that one too.

So then, a few days later, when managers are trying to
figure out my next day of training, they are going back and
forth on which day to do bc there's a District Manager
coming in to check things out, which, of course, you don't
want your new people on the job when the DM is there,
because if they can't answer quick enough or properly
enough or accurately enough, it's going to come back on the
shift manager in terms of them needing to improve training.
So bc this back and forth went for a few minutes, I left
the conversation thinking or believing that I wasn't to
come in on the next scheduled day bc he was there...

What happens? Yup, I get a call that morning, while sound
asleep, asking where I am and why I haven't showed up. I
explain what I just stated above, but am firmly met
with "no, we said saturday. we're sure of it"

So now that's 2 days of being sick, 1 day of makeup, and 1
day where I was told not to come in, but then called and
told I was supposed to come in.

This has been a stress on me. I know, it doesn't sound very
stressful, but it's only half of the equation.

Jamba has recipe knowledge checks that all team members
need to learn and train on. There's 3 different sets of
recipe checks needed to be known, with about 10-15
different drinks/meals/smoothies per receipe check....but,
each recipe has 3 different sizes, and in each recipe is a
minimum of 4-5 ingredients.

Do the math. 45 different drinks, available in 3 different
sizes, containing 4-5 ingredients.

Just at the 3 sizes, you're talking 135 combinations.

Add in 4-5 ingredients of varying amounts into those 135
combinations, and the numbers get heavy.

Therein lies my problem. I'm a genius and can't get this
stuff down.

Well, not a genius. That's pretty flipping egotistical of
me, and maybe some part likes the idea of being one, but
let's just say that I've met tooooo many people in life
who've told me "Tim, you're the smartest person I've ever
met". This has come from old, from young, from educated,
from non, from all walks of life. I simply have a unique
ability to see things as they are, to find the answer when
others can't, to sense and know what should happen before
it does.

But these recipes? Over the last 4 shifts, I have failed @
the recipe checks. It's as if my mind has gone suddenly
stupid, and I can't process or take the test.

And it's ALL causing stress.

So much so that I've not watched a single game of the NBA
finals, as I've been studying my ass off to know these
things. Even as recent as Tuesday night, I royally screwed
up. I stayed up so late studying and was so worried about
getting things right that Weds I missed my shift and read
the time wrong. Work called, wasn't happy. I showed up asap
as I could, and proceeded to talk to the MOD(manager on
duty) @ the time, and told them how much stress this is
causing me.

Little things @ work I keep missing. I'm not set completely
on sherbert and yogurt and sorbet colors, and while labels
are right there to let you know what's what, people aren't
putting the buckets in the proper place, and so in the rush
of Jamba Juice, I've made several drinks wrong because the
bases weren't lined up with the labels. So it's a screw up
on me, but it's not one I knew I was screwing up.

The other thing that stresses me is their whole Nazi
attitude towards tattoos. They state they embrace
individuals and want our employees to express their self,
but any tattoos must be covered completely. Well, I have
two small symbols on each inner wrist, and then two that
just barely come down off the backs of my elbows. There was
a few times when I missed covering them, so I used tape.
Only last week did I find out that the ones on my elbows
now need covering too.

I don't mind covering the tattoos. I understand. But what
my bosses fail to realize, which I stated to them @ the
beginning of my hire, was that I've been out of work since
before the new year. I have zero income, and nothing
sitting in a bank account.

So spending gas money on my guzzler to go out and search
for places that sell elbow and wrist pads is a real task to
be done yet having no money to do so.

This will sound week, but in the month that I've worked for
Jamba Juice, I've only brought home 140 dollars. 35 of that
is training. Let's go back to doing math.

8 dollars an hour. 105 dollars of work. 4 hour shifts.
That's right. In the month I've worked there, I've worked
less than 13 total hours @ this company.

To give that perspective, the average person works a 40
hour work week, 5 days, 8 hours a day.

I've worked the equivalent of 1 and a half days of
training, and I'm expected to know a few hundred different
recipe combinations.

13 hours of work, actual work, and all I've done for the
last week and a half is stress out over recipes, spend all
my extra time studying, and getting told if I come in
without tattoos covered, I'll be written up and sent home
until I can. But I'm also told I need to be up on my
recipes so I can pass my test.

I like Jamba Juice. My coworkers are nice, managament for
the most part seems to be good managers who like me as a
worker. I like the fact it's fruit and healthier food,
which stops me from wanting to drive by jack and the box or
anywhere similarly artery clogging.

But I've spent more time studying and stressing over this
job than I have @ actually working for the job.

Because of my screw up Weds morning, my Thursday shift was
taken from me and I was told I'm working tonight with the
main boss, Angela, from 6-10.

So tonight, 1 of 2 things is going to happen. We're going
to have a talk, discuss what I'm lacking @ or messing up
on, and she'll help me and we'll learn to move forward.


She is having me come in tonight to fire me. In which case,
I may not keep my cool. I've worked for places of more
importance than smoothie making, and I've ran departments
of employees that outnumbered this store @ nearly a 4 to 1

One thing I've never done, nor will ever do to an employee,
is to tell them to come in @ the end of the week in order
to let them go.

Today it's in the worlds' best interest not to piss me
off.......and with that, back to studying. already spent 2
hours today going over things and making flash cards. Going
to spend another 2 hours roughly before I get ready and
head to work.

....and on Pandora, "Mad World" by Gary Jules is playing.

Fitting, don't you think?


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