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2001-10-10 01:34:42 (UTC)

Looking for a Book

I'm looking for a book to read. It's not as if there is
shortage. Hardly! The house is full of them. "But I've
read them ALL!, I wail. Well, not really. But many of
them are reference books and I have read the novels that are
in boxes now being stored in John's shop. I have a tendency
to find a particular author and if I like his or her books
to read every single one they've ever written. Preferably in
the order they wrote them. I keep on the look-out for new
works by these authors while searching for new ones.

I went to look at the list of books I have on reserve now at
the Corvallis Public Library. There are 39. They range
from best sellers like Cornwell's Isle of Dogs to decorating
books like Cottage Comfort to how-to books like Creating
Your Family Quilt Using State Blocks to Stephen Hawkings
Universe in a Nutshell. Are are marked "Not Yet
Available". Many have not even been published yet. So I
have to wait. I have to be patient. I'll probably get a
slew of them in all at once and then I'll be in reading
heaven. I can hardly wait!