Katie ;)

2010-06-11 07:09:29 (UTC)

Slow Friend

Okay some of you might have that slow friend. Every time you
have a problem and need to tell someone, you always pick
that one slow friend. So there you guys are you telling them
the problem and when you get done you say "what should i
do?"... Your slow friend says.... "Oh yeah... Wait... Huh?"
God damn it makes me want to punch someone in the face! Like
seriously! Your sitting there pouring your heart out for
like hours or so, and your slow friend only says.... Huh? Or
gives you that blank expression and nods. Seriously. Do you
have a slow friend? Does he/she make you want to pull your
hair out?!? Now everyone has slowness in you, whether its in
speed, talking, or just thinking and so on. But im not
talking about people that are slow like for 2 secs.. Im
talking about the ones that are slow 24/7. Yeah.

-Katie 33