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2010-06-10 20:26:39 (UTC)

Ex and her mind games

Ex emailed me again in the middle of work. She told me that
I was very abrupt when she put me on the phone with the 7 yr
old and how I was mean and it hurt her feelings.

Yeah right. She forgot about ransacking the house and left
without telling the kids anything. No contact, no phone call
until yesterday. Now because I was pissed as ex, I was mean
and hurt ex and 7 yr old's feelings. WTF?!

The kids didn't see me in over a month because of the ex and
she says I am mean? Ex was pissed today because I told her
"m cutting her medical off and that I won't be paying for
her car insurance anymore. There were other things that work
was taking out pre-tax for baby sitting and stuff.

Total money I'm saving with all this? About 800 dollars!!!
Chi fucking Ching baby!!!
Ex then say that I promised to take care of them and that I
am now letting them down. Yeah right. I told her that deal
is off the table once she sleeps under another man's roof.

I even asked her how fucking stupid I am for supporting them
with medical, car ins, etc while she is living with ex bf or
whatever she pretends him to be.

I told her she can marry him now so he can put her under his
medical. I tell you, I will never ever date someone in her
culture ever again. Must have been some bad tequila or
something. lol

Anyway, I went to a wine tasting today. I always love
mingling with people drinking some fine wine. It's funny how
knowing your wine and shit make you a classier cultured
person. Now if you drink beer, you are just an alcoholic.

Boy, I sure do need a fuck buddy. aaarrggghh!! This part
sucks. One of the few times I gotta say it sucks to be a man!!!

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