Tale of Two Stories
2010-06-11 01:00:42 (UTC)

School Year Almost Over...

Dear Reader,

This school year hasnt been what i expected in some ways it was
good...i found my wolf and forgoten the vampire..i feel as tho maybe i am
alone when his not near..the fact the my parents dont like him makes me
feel upset..how could i just leave him lik that its not like i could break his
heart then move on.
How to make someone like some one else? I wonder why life is so hard
to deal with...this 20th will be the 8th time my family N i move to another
apartment.. Im tired and i just wish for this school year to end.. School
tomorrow then finals eh what can i say the only thing that keeps me going
is ma wolf....cant wait to feel his soft lips again touching mine as we walk
thru the park...