Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-06-10 13:12:53 (UTC)

Tired 2Day

I so tired today.

Tired of being a parent.
Tired of feeling stressed
Tired of trying to lose weight
Tired of this boring job (althought grateful for it)
Tired of trying to make other people happy
Tired of worrying about my teenage daughter
Tired of issues between my two daughters


Tired of my husband not saying I love You
Tired of my husband not kissing me
Tired of my husband's moods
Tired of my husband being up, then Down

Tired Tired Tired

Tired of feeling tired
Tired of living in Ohio
Tired of being broke all the time
Tired of missing me.

The only thing I not tired of is Loving. Loving all the
people I'm tired of....LOL

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