2010-06-10 08:45:24 (UTC)

Fitness Footwear:MBT Lami Civiar Black Shoes

We continue our fabulous fitness footwear series with a
great, high quality, well known brand that we’re very
proud to carry here at Planet Shoes - and that’s Brand
Boots Footwear!
MBT Footwear has a loyal following and a growing business
because their technology works. Their “anti-shoe”
mentality is all about helping people to use technology in
shoes to get back to a more natural walking experience.
“Natural instability” which comes from walking barefoot on
sand or soft ground is some of the best and most healthful
activity in which you can engage. The reason this
technology and design works is that your whole body is
engaged in movement, balance and momentum.
MBT Footwear uses a rocker outsole, which is thick and
rounded to encourage a rolling gait. This rolling movement
reduces the shock and strain on joints, tendons and
muscles and also encourages better posture, a longer and
more natural gait and because it’s engaging more muscles,
MBT Footwear help you train just by being on your feet.
The shoe is constructed with three major sections. There
is a TPU and glass fiber shank that provides the firmness
needed to maintain the rocker sole construction and
distributes weight and pressure evenly throughout the
whole sole of the shoe.
The balancing section of the shoe is integrated into the
midsole beneath the metatarsus to encourage the natural
destabilization which activates more muscles throughout
the body.
Finally, there is an elliptical section underneath the
heel of the shoe which creates a comfortable cushion that
also emulates the sensation of walking on sand or soft
ground, therefore activating additional muscles.
MBT Footwear is popular for every kind of walking
activity, including pacing in your office, and they are
offered in all styles, shapes and colors so you can use
them for your activity of choice. They are also
recommended for athletes because they improve post workout
recovery and build core muscles and balance at all times.
So how do MBT shoes measure up against the other players
in this space?
What often holds people back from getting in on the MBT
Footwear craze is the fact that they look a little
different and they are not inexpensive. Running at about
$250 retail with the occasional promotional pricing, they
can be beyond the reach of many folks.
Of course, their innovative design is the key to their
success and these shoes aren’t inexpensive because they
are made with very high quality materials and they are
designed to support you and keep you going in a way very
few shoes are.
Essentially, if you are ready to truly invest in a shoe
that will withstand time, elements and a lot of walking,
MBT Shoes footwear might very well be the right choice for
you. With their style versatility, they do make a better
choice for a transitional shoe from office to home or out
and about on the weekend.

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