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2010-06-09 20:22:56 (UTC)

Ex pissed me off so bad

Oh man!!! I am so pissed off. Ex just really still knows how
to rub me the wrong fucking way!!! Hope this shit ends soon.
I have so much crap to juggle that I cannot take her shit too.

You see, I filed Ch 7 and I had to tie a few loose ends. The
trustee asked me about the Ex's SUV. She wanted more info
about it to make sure I wasn't trying to hide this asset
during bankruptcy.

So I asked the Ex for some docs. This would be the auto loan
that only she was one. The initial purchase agreement of the
suv, the registration and the title. I just needed copies of
it to show the Court that the Ex bought this car before we
were married with only her name on it. The loan was in her
name that she completed and the title that the loan co gave
to her when she completed the load. This would show that I
didn't try to hide the suv from the Bankruptcy court.

All this was just to make sure the court won't take away
Ex's suv you know? Well, she promised to get it to me but
again, she doesn't even fucking show up to the place we
agreed to meet. She doesn't call. She doesn't answer her
cell(which is her norm.) She does reply to a text saying she
had unexpected events happen and can't make it. WTF?! I was
already almost at the fucking place at the agreed upon
fucking time!!!!

All this was just to make sure that the court wouldn't take
her SUV away from her. It didn't benefit me at all!! Well
fuck her! Hope the court take it away from her and I can
give her my mountain bike instead.

She has done this to me so many times!! I hate flakers that
say and promise they will come but constantly never fucking
show up! Sorry I'm swearing so much but that bitch really
pisses me off. Just the lack of common respect for people is
so fucking humiliating to me.

So I told her that I will completly cut her off. I've been
nice and kept paying for her car insurance even though I
legally don't have to anymore.

Also, I will go to my work and let HR know that I'm now
divorced. This will cut off all their health insurance and
my prepaid sitter which comes out of my check. This means
tha I get back about 600 a month.

That cum dumpster is on her own. Oh yeah, how about the
boyfriend that is suppose to care for her? Well, he had to
go to court for a custody thing with his own biological
child and his former girlfriend got 100% custody. This means
he is pretty fucked in the cash dept. He pretty much
abandoned his kid before he/she even turned 1 yr old. Not my
problem though.

Found out that the 19yr girl(ex's child from 1st husband)
fucked up her car too. It got sideswiped and unsure what
happened. They are liars and the story is that it got
sideswiped while it was park. I know that it was probably
the 23 yr old son that fucked it up too. Just like how he
blew the fucking enging on his car that mom co-signed. Ahhhh

I always thought I had someone watching over me to help me
during real tough times. I also felt that people around me
would get protected when they were with me. Ex and I have
been noticing that and have talked about this for years.
I know it sound weird but I swear it's true.

She even says that when all this crap was happening to them
recently, she said if I sent my angels to go fuck with them.
We of course were semi somewhat joking about it.

Still, I have had things happen to me that can't be
explained at times. When it gets really bad, I seem to have
something or someone guide me through the tough times.
People around me get protected too. When they split, they
are left to the rules of the world and lots of unfortunate
things happen to them after that.

Well, except for the two younger kids of course. I had a
special prayer for them asking that they be protected even
though I'm not around anymore.

So what happened to everyone since they split?

Ex got new boss from hell. She was up for promotion but now
won't get one because new boss says he don't want to find a

Ex go sick with flu symptoms and was constantly out of work
for many days.

19 yr old was bed ridden for two weeks for flu like sypmptoms.

19 yr old car supposedly side swiped. Doors on driver side
now won't open.

19 yr old's bio-dad lost job. May no longer be able to make
car payments for 19 yr old.

23 yr old car engine blew. 5K to repair.

23 yr old. creditors after him this is less that a yr of
completing bankruptcy.

23 yr old hrs cut at work.

23 yr old slices his hand while working.

23 yr old gets sick with flu like symptoms.

More and more shit happened but you get the point. All this
happened in less that a month's time.

Well, since then, I have met a lot of new friends (mostly
female of course).

Managed to save 3500 cash. Feels and looks good when they
are in a pretty green stack.

Position at work opened up and I'm going for it. It's a
promotion so we shall see.

I'm way more fun and outgoing now that I don't have the ex
on my ass except for today of course. lol.

Thats it for now. Still trying to find a place to live. I'm
going uptown now that I have a better hold of my money. This
is of course where the rich and beautiful

Till next time diary. Hope I'm in a better mood. I dropped
the F-bomb way too many times on this entry.

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