The story of my life
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2010-06-10 02:51:23 (UTC)


I am starting to feel like my life is not going anywhere
or moving foward in anyway....I try to be strong and show
my son that I am a great mom and that I dont need to
depend on anyone but I feel that I am lieing because I
feel like I have to depend on someone.....
I have been on welfare so that can be my push to get
stared and then I thought hey why not go to school and see
where that will take me, so I did...I went to school for
medical assistant with phlebotomy and I finished and
graduated.....but look at me I am back on welfare and
still trying to find a job and still feeling like I have
to depend on people and let me tell you that is the worst
feeling ever....I mean this is half of my problems
lol...My living situation is another problem because I was
living with my mom but there are too many people living
there so I ended up moving in with my friend and her hubby
and her dad so me and my son sleep on the couch and again
it falls back to depending on people....All I want is to
do things on my own and have my own place and let my son
have his own room....well there is more but I think this
is good enough for today....I will write again
tomorrow...Good night Diary