The Life of Black Shirt Girl
2010-06-10 02:26:36 (UTC)


Sometimes i wish i have a perfect family. I wish my parent
wouldn't fight. I wish my parent hasn't divorce. But they did.
When i see, my arrogant cousin brag about his new things,
his mom, his father, i said to myself, well at least i know
what life is. And he's just spoil brat. I know what is like
to be abandoned. I know the pain of life. I know hows heart
is breaking. And i'm not proud of what i know. Cos it is
hurt. I wish my dad would know how i feel and maybe he won't
leave us. I want him to know that i love him and it's really
hurt how he leave me just like that. I cried. And it is hard
for me to see my mom crying. I never understand why he leave us.