Halana's secret
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2010-06-09 04:03:15 (UTC)


lately I have been pretty depressed but I try not to show
it Im just not happy anymore it has nothing to do with my
marrage and everything to do with everything else Im under
a bit of stress since Tony dosen't have a job right now
and we have bills to pay Im praying that he gets a job
soon since I just need some time where I can do me and me
only when Tony goes to his moms I am turning the phone off
I don't want to be bothered I just for once want to have
me myself and I no one else and Im constantly here with
Tony he wonders why we fight so much its because he is
here and always hounding me to do what he wants I don't
get to do what I want see just now I have to get offline
since he wants me to go to Wal-Mart with him

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