Halana's secret
2010-06-09 03:56:56 (UTC)

catching up

it has been awhile since I could write in here so Im
starting again. at the beginning of May I lost a best
freind Becca whom I have been friends with since the 4th
grade was brutally shot to death by her NIGGER of a
husband she had filed for a devorce since he was molesting
her and was very lazy but when he got the devorce papers
he bought a new car drove it up here waited for Becca to
come out then tried to question her when she refused to
talk he pulled the car door open and shot her it went in
her neck and out behind her ear then the NIGGER turned the
gun on himself so I have been tring to deal with that I
went to her viewing it killed me having to see the girl I
grew up with laying in a casket I asked her mom if I could
put one of my roserys in there and she said yes so I know
she is up in heaven knowing that I still do care for her
and she will always be my best friend ever rest in piece
now that you have escaped this cruel world Becca!On to
other things I don't know why but Im really missing Dan I
miss talking to him and picking on him I often wonder if
he misses me too but I doubt it what am I talking about Im
missing all my male friends but what can I do Im married
now and need to deal with it

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