The Life of Black Shirt Girl
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2010-06-09 03:31:35 (UTC)


I tried to got out with guys. I even makeout with them. But
the thing is, there's no spark between me and them. If they
touch me, hold my hands or even kiss me, i didn't feel the
sparks. When a girl touch me, i can feel the spark. I'm
confused. Am i a lesbian or straight or bisexual?? I never
date a girl before but i did like girls before. And when we
go out as a friend, i feel so happy even it is not a date.
When the girl, hold my hand, i can feel the spark. I really
am. But i ignore it, and start going out with other guys.
Just to make sure to myself that i am straight. Yesterday, i
have a double date. My crush, touch me. Like i said before,
there's no spark.

I just wish i'm not confuse like this. I want to know who i
really am.

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