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2010-06-09 02:53:27 (UTC)

What you mean to me♥

I try to deny my feelings for you..But I know they are
real! This isn't another dream I'm imagining! Here I am
with all my heart....please take me....I know I let you
down but I'm never going to make that mistake again. You
brought me closer to who I really am. I want the world to
see what you mean to me! I'm going crazy without you. When
we fought i didn't sleep regularly for about 9 days. I
couldn't think straight and when our song came on I
couldn't keep myself from crying. I can't hold myself back
without you. I'll be your hero...If you save my heart from
this horrible break! I can't stand not feeling your warm
embrace....I can't stand not hearing that 3 letter word
that set my heart on fire. Imagine a thunderstorm without
the thunder...Imagine a fireplace without the
fire....Imagine Texas without heat...Imagine a dreamer
without a dream! Its like imagining me without you. I
can't do it! Because a thunderstorm needs thunder or its
just a storm... A fireplace without a fire is just a
place.... Texas without heat...what? A dreamer without a
dream is nothing! and me without you is!
please. give me a chance(: I'll be your dream for once!

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