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2010-06-09 02:39:27 (UTC)

My life

My life isn't all i imagined it to be....It's better...I
finally found the love of my life(: I've tried so hard to
find someone who won't cheat or tell me lies...I've found
him!! He's my dream! My wish... My life(: I've done
everything I could to make my life what I always
imagined... so far...Its close... It's not what i really
want...but its close! I never thought he could bring a
bigger smile to my face when I talk to himm.... I get
butterflies....wishing he was sitting right beside me
sharing my thoughts. If he knew how much I loved him...I
have no clue what he'd do! I love him more than I love my
heart beat....(: I love him...To my special man...

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