Life In My Words
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2010-06-08 21:37:06 (UTC)


sorry i didnt write yesterday. i was with friends. but
basically nothing has changed, but i think once i find the
right time, im going to tell him i like him.

but on another note, let me explain how yesterday went
down. the doorbell rang so i got up to answer it. it was
one of my friends. she made me come outside and our other
friend threw her a pool noodle and they started beating me
with them(: and then we were talking and they invited me on
the neighborhood raid. we went to everyones house and beat
whoever came out or whoever we knew with noodles(: it was
great. and then i found out "best friend" and mr. ex are
official now. so blech. whatever. thinking about it makes
me wanna throw up. theyre so bad for eachother. so that
night, we snuck out in all black with war paint on our
faces, a box of 100 forks, and ketchup. we walked all the
way to mr. ex's house and forked the yard. then my friend
took ketchup and ran all over the yard with it. the yard
was covered. all of a sudden, she went up on the porch to
draw REDRUM with ketchup, and the automatic porch light
came on. me and my other friend were standing on the
sidewalk and once we saw that light, we RAN LIKE HELL. we
ran all the way up his street, and when we got onto the
main road we all had to stop we were laughing so hard. god.
it was funny. it was past ten though so we had to watch for
cop cars. when we got back to her house, we told her
parents and they were laughing hysterically. so we spent
our night laughing and just thinking about how pissed hes
gonna be cleaning up nasty ketchup. and we fell asleep
watching annie(: