Confessions of madness
2010-06-08 20:34:02 (UTC)

My best friend?

So i have known my best friend for going on 7 years. For the
last 3-4 we have been like sisters. We spend every weekend
together, we hang out all summer and her house is like my
second home. I give her advice about everything and she
helps me through shit i go through. I love her so so much
and i always put her first to everything.
She got hurt badly by her last boyfriend, he thought her dad
was hitting her and shouting at her because of him so he
left her. She has hated men ever since. Till she decided to
go to our school friend, she's been with him for a month or
two now and she seems to happy with him and i love her being
happy with a guy.
I have never put a guy before her, never. All the guys ive
dated have had to put up with me spending more time with
her. She obviously does not feel the same. I have seen her
twice within the time they have been dating. She has barely
spoken to me and she always sees him even though she goes to
college with him.
Lately shes started talking to me again and she said that
she really wanted to see me to hang out and arranged the
only day i was free for me to go round her house so i could
show her this movie i want her to see ect.
Her boyfriend's brother is having his birthday party the
same night and i love him to bits so as he invited us both i
asked her whether she was going to go or not but she replied
"Oh well i dunno cause im going to go camping with this girl
i know in college in her place in the middle of nowhere, but
if i can't do that i'll go to his party". So much for
letting me know. She couldn't even remember that her best
friend was going to come round. Her best friend.
When she asked if i was going i replied with "well i was
going to come round yours as we said but i dunno now" and
all she said to that was "Oh im sure you could stay round
his at the party?".
I how i do love my best friend. Shes so good to me. I wonder
who she'll go to when she looses her boyfriend and has no
one longer to spend her time with.