Out of Control
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2010-06-08 09:25:07 (UTC)

Why are you sad ?

So - its like .. 5 in the morning and ihavent slept , in
fact , i cant sleep , i find myself scared and kinda
paralyzed . im not sure why thou . I was harassed by my
brothers friends , and at the time i regarded it lightly
and wore a nervous smile - but i was genuinely scared .
like beyond belief , i didnt know when they were going to
leave me alone , and i didnt know if they would , it
scared me and my brother didnt do anything . my mother
couldnt either . i was really scared , and im not really
sure why - he was harmless , ithink . I dont really know
how close he was to the line from crossing over . thats
not how you hit on someone ... i wish i had done
something . i wish i couldve changed it .
and im scared because i dont want him ever coming back
here . like every again . i dont think i could deal with
that . like at all , in fact i think i would hurl ..
so i need sleep - but i cant sleep . i dont know what im
gonna dream about ..
but please lord , help me .
is this what i get for wanting to be notied ? is this my
karma ?
i just want my puppy .