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2010-06-08 02:52:26 (UTC)

Who would have thought?

So, as usual, I haven't written on here in AGES! One of
my bff's calls me yesterday and asks what the name of this
website was because he wanted to start keeping a diary
again. It sparked some old memories coming back here and
reading through several of my past entries. I'm amazed at
how far I've come. Yet and still, I've got a long way to

Nonetheless, I'm reading throught my entries and decide to
open up the one called, "Sex and the City." It's dated
7.13.2004...and then is when I figured out I wanted to
become a writer. It is written. How awesome is that? I
dunno, I guess since I haven't written anything creatively
in what seems like FOREVER, it's kind of hard to call
myself a writer. While I write everyday for work, I no
longer write for creative purposes. Not that I wouldn't
like to, it's just that I don't know what to say. I
haven't had inspiration to write. Or if I have an idea of
what to write, I just don't. I think what I've always
liked most about this site is that I can write freely
without worrying about other people reading my shit,
judging me and having to entertain in some capacity. It's
like as soon as I started writing for the purpose of
entertaining others, my muse vanished. Well, I'll say
that and a few instances that have occured over recent
years that kind of pissed on my artistic ego. It all left
me again questioning whether or not I truly am a writer.

Well, according to that post in 2004-I have known and
declared that I'd be a writer. Even went so far as to say
that I wanted to write books, live in NYC, have sex, shop
and drink; hence, the title "Sex and the City." See what
the media does? Hahahahaha!

I guess it was meant for me to log-in today and get my ass
back on track with the whole creative writing thing. With
that, I'm pleased.


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