Confessions of madness
2010-06-07 21:59:54 (UTC)

Job or no job?

While my mother was in hospital i feared that i would need
to quit my college course in order to get a full time job to
help with the family income, she hated this idea of me
getting any job because she wanted me to do well in college
unlike her and said she would do anything rather then that.
So i focus on my studys as hard as i could. Soon after she
came out of hospital all she would talk about is "Hey, why
haven't you got a job yet" or "Your brother has a job, why
havent't you?", "You know you could buy your own clothing if
you had a job." ect ect. Im not normally a whiney teenager,
i hate even still being called that, but she just really
makes my blood boil sometimes. Why can't she just make up
her mind?!
THEN after months of moaning why i hadn't started getting
some money in, i find myself a job and even though im on
pretty much minium wage because im training she starts
moaning how i should start paying her back for some things
now i have a job, so i have a job, but i don't have any
money because it goes into her pocket. Now shes complaining
how i should buy my own way. WITH WHAT?!
Shes always complaing how our family need to tighten our
waist belts now we have no stable income yet every chance
she gets she goes to buy new clothes or art materials which
she doesn't need and can't use.
Admittedly i thought she was quite happy with me having a
job (I wonder why) but then today in the car after she
picked me up from college she turned round to me and said
"What are you doing in your summer?"
"Im not quite sure yet, why?" I replied
"Well to be honest ive been thinking and i think over the
summer you should get a job."
"Oh right, you do know i have a job already yeah?"
"Yes but i mean a proper job"
"Well i was thinking of spending my time building a
portfolio for univercity and having M's mum teach me a bit
over the summer while doing my artwork to sell"
"Well i guess you could do that.."
To be quite frank i wanted to turn around to her and ask "So
mum, what you doing in your summer? Getting a job?" But
seeing as she puts a roof over my head suprisingly i thought
i better not tempt fate. It'd be just my luck if i got
kicked out right before the most stressed out two weeks of
my year.
So yes, i am moneyless, stressed out and covered in bites.
But not the nice *oh i remember what i did last night*
bites, the "Shit i left the window open again and the bugs
are feasting on my flesh" type bites.
I do love life.