Experienced Life
2010-06-06 22:51:51 (UTC)

Ex actually called

She actually called. Told me the same thing. She misses me
and love me and wants to move back with me but isn't because
she is still trying to get her 23 yr old son back up on his
feet. She now needs to pay for his motorcycle registration.
Supposedly, it's going to cost 250 which is bullshit. I
shouldn't get involved but I comment because the money she
spends on him means less for the 4 and 7 yr old and that
isn't fair for them. Someone has to speak up for them
because nobody else will.

I told ex that it's impossible for the bike reg to be 250. I
myself pay less than 100 for mine and I have a newer
motorcycle. I told her that he is lying and he is ripping
her off!!

She is also telling me her 19 yr old daughter is always
sick. Well, I'm not suprised. All she does is eat, sleep,
shit and fuck. Never works out. Doesn't clean her room.
Lives like a pig. Looks like a pig. I'm not kidding. When
they ransacked and cleaned out my house, I cleaned up the
crap they left behind.

I took out 3 kitchen bags full of trash in the 19 yr old's
room. They had just tossed used rubbers on the side of the
room. Some stuck to the wall. I emptied a 1/2 full soda into
the kitchen sink once before I threw it in the trash and out
came a bunch of used rubbers. I gagged and almost threw up.

I didn't vacuum her room because there was so much trash. I
had to use a broom and dustpan intead. There were a bunch of
food wrappers, old boxes of rubbers, epa boxes, etc.

So, for this 19yr to be sick, well yeah!!! She should be.
She lives like a pig! She is only 19 and already she is so
damn fat.

Anyway, I told ex not to call me or bother me with her
problems. She is out of the house so it's her problem. I
asked if I could have the younger kids sometimes and of
course, she answered my question with a question. She said
that I only asked for the kids twice.

She works late tonight so she said she might come over.
Dunno. So horny I might just let her. If your going to be a
cum dumpster, I may as well use it. We'll see. This is
messing with my head.

I do know that I do not miss the two older losers. One good
thing about all this is that I a saving alot of money. I
think I have about 3500 saved up since they split. I would
have saved up enough for a downpayment on another house at
this rate. I'm not complaining about that.

I met some more single parents at this group I'm hanging out
with. Some cuties there. Maybe I'll find a f-buddy there. At
least I get to meet more new friends. That's always a plus.

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