My Dream Book
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2010-06-07 05:20:18 (UTC)

Dream From 6/5/10

So last night was almost a perfect dream!
Okay So I met this guy at a festival, there was sooo many
rides! It was great! All my friends were scared so he said
he would go with me:) He was so sweet to me Then when I
thought it ouldnt get any better he pulled me over to the
side and whispered "you are so beautiful. and I feel so
Great whe i'm with you" Then just as he leaned in to kiss
me, two of his friends walked over, two girl, so we all
started talking then out of know were one said "so I see
you to aready kissed" so I said no. and they gave me this
awfull look! Then they just said "Oh." And I asked why and
they just said nothing and left.

I Never Got To Finih That Dream...
We Will See Tonight If It Continues...