Confessions of madness
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2010-06-06 18:06:50 (UTC)

Short sex scene in a pub

I looked over the top of my sunglasses, scanning the room
for him. Still no sign. I was starting to think that he
wasn't going to show up at all. I could feel the slick
moisture of myself build as every movement of my thighs
brushing together caused an urgent sense of relief. I hadn't
seen Kim in what must of been weeks and now i needed him,
craved him, longed for his very touch.
I was standing at the bar when he finially arrived. He
greeted me with his hands, running them up the sides of my
wafer thin red dress. His fingers sending sparks through my
thighs, almost enough for me to let out a small moan. His
ear crept to meet mine as his body moved into mine, molding
into mine from behind.
"Someones horny then?" he whispered ever so softly into my
ear, the warmth of his breath turning me even wetter. His
fingers crept up underneith my dress, sliding along my soft
skin, further and further until i shuddered at his finger
lightly discovering my clit. I gasped as i moved back,
moving myself further into him, his bulge neatly resting
between the hot cheeks of my ass. "Nice choice of underwear
today, nothing is always the best option" he muttered within
my ear before planting light kisses along my earlobe. I
shuddered again, every moment with his fingers and his
breath made my clit thob painfully for his member.
I turned suddenly to face him, pressing my crotch to his
hard before leaving a small kiss on his lips.
"So glad you could make it, though i think we should
continue our chat somewhere less public" i said, staring
deep within the hazelnut depths of his eyes. A grin slid
across his golden face making my body quiver at the sight. I
knew that this need between us was neither gentle or slow.
Luckily for us, (though the exhibitioners we are) Kim knew
the landlord for this quite out of the way pub and with a
quick nod to the bartender, we snuck through the back into
the cellar. As soon as the door slammed shut he locked the
door. He wanted this to be long and undisturbed i thought to
myself. After locking the door, we were straight onto each
other, our lips colliding with a fury that was not easily
tamed. His fingers frantically found my waist, pulling me
against him hard as my fingers curled into his shoulder
length chocolate hair, pulling his mouth mine roughly. Then
he pulled away, lifting the dress up and over my head to he
had my naked body to his will, looking at me in bliss before
savagely bringing his hand to my ass, playfully squeezing
and slapping as i giggled and moaned. His mouth then found
my neck, lightly nipping at the soft skin, moving downwards
slowly to my shoulder, leaving little bites. I let my
fingers wander to my dripping wet cunt, sliding my fingers
within the moisture, moaning at every single touch to my
pussy. His fingers joined mine, moving slowly but hard
through me. The room seemed to spin and i felt like i was
almost on the edge for he stopped, pulled my hands away and
moved me so i had my back to him once again. I could hear
him pretty much tear off his shirt and trousers before he
pressed against me again, this time, flesh against flesh. I
could feel him throb against my ass and it sent more
pleasurable quivers through my body. He kissed my neck
gently to my ear before whispering into my ear "I have been
fucking waiting to do this to you.." and then within one
swift movement, plunging his rock solid member within me,
moving in and out without any kindness, just pure need. I
moved with him, pushing my hips back to his, getting the
full use out of his length. My body kept spiraling until i
couldn't hold on any longer and with then i went rigid but
the pleasure just kept coming and coming as my fingers
circled around my clit, fast and hard. He kept pounding and
pounding till i felt the hot seed of his orgasm flow within me.
We caught our breaths and within the hour we had, we kept it
was hard as ever. But we definatly agreed we needed to meet
up on a more regular basis.