Confessions of madness
2010-06-06 09:35:05 (UTC)

Why do i bother some times?

So i spent all day out yesterday, during the day i had a
good time, i went got a couple of DVDs that the whole family
can watch and got a pack of ciggarettes so now i don't have
to worry if i have enough or not. Then after all that we
(meaning me and a few of my close friends) went to my
friends new favourite bar, the only gay bar in town. So we
spent the afternoon in there and it was honestly very nice,
the company, the drinks, the place. We just sat down and had
a couple of drinks and talked, it was like there was no care
in the world.
THEN later on i forgot i had promised to a friend that i
would go to her aunt's 50th birthday, so my friend pursuided
me to get my ass into gear and i whizzed out. We were
promised an open bar, there wasn't and there was about 100
people i didn't know. The music was terrible, the food was
terrible, the company was also terrible. And if that wasn't
enough the one guy i get along with managed to pour beer
into my eyes and then another guy who i sometimes get along
with managed to rub seafood cocktail sauce in my left eye so
really im wondering why im not blind because it fucking hurt.
Then my friend had promised me about a week in advance that
if i came, she would be able to arrange a lift back, when it
came to the time of me needing to head home she then said
"ooh actually i dunno.." and in the end it looked like she'd
promised damn near everyone else a lift home and that ment i
was out of the equation. So i was cold, hurting and left to
stand outside a working mens club at god knows what time
waiting for my very kind father to pick me up.
Didn't that sound like a good night?