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2010-06-06 08:33:38 (UTC)

Friends, How many of us have them? Pt.4

I dont talk to Raya anymore or Rakim. Raya is a beautiful girl, but yet she is
spoiled and insecure. She is also spoiled. She is dating my used to be friend
Rakim. The spoiled shit gets on my nerves because she throws temper
tantrums when she doesnt get her way. On two occassions I could be talking
to some guys, friend or new aquaintance, and she would interrupt my
conversation to tell me she is hungry when her boyfriend was there or just
left, just so she can try to talk to the guy on the sly. I think that its
disrespectful, plus while I am talking to a guy she would say embarrassing
shit in front of them instead of pulling me aside to make sure everything on
me is in place. She is so disrespectful to her boyfriend that she flirts with
other men in front of him and doesnt claim him when men ask her about h
him. She always wanna go outside and smoke a cigarette when i go, and she
nosey when no one is talking to her. One friday me, her and Rakim went to
Applebee's, I invited a long time male friend of mine, Lamar. She was already
playing with Rakim's emotions before Lamar got there, so Lamar comes,
happy to see me. As he was sitting next to me talking, instead of her focusing
on their conversation she is in me and Lamars convo. As Rakim sat there, she
asked Lamar did he want a roomate because she heard about him speaking of
his money and job, then she puts her damn leg on his lap. The nerve of that
bitch, how she know if we didnt have anything going on. Lamar called me
later, saying how uncomfortable he was. So im through with that bitch.
Rakim is stuck on stupid, I texted him abt getting something to eat, he talking
abt if she not going, he not, thats his girl, he need gas money and not $5 and
he tired of drving around ppl for free. I cursed his ass out and told him that I
dnt have shit to do with his relationship, we were friends b4 her, i told him
he stupid for coming to school on his days off to drive her around and other
ppl, I told him fuck you and dont talk to me again. He gets with women who
use him, he acts stupid with me and his mother and other people when he
dont wanna hear the truth.That is the end of all the bullshit...next is the
continuation of Jamar and ect's..then Henderson...and The plan!

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