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2010-06-06 08:14:07 (UTC)

Friends, How many of us have them? Pt.3

So Shellonda starts posting saying bogus shit that has nothing to do with the
issue, which started by Nancy hearing that Myra was talking about her. Then
Shellonda talks shit about Mike and then it goes back and forth. Mike had
nothing to do with her, but she was being a dumbass. I posted twice and I
said how the shit started..I called Myra about the posting names shit and told
them if they have a problem, they can call but dont get smart. Of course
nobody called and Shellonda thought the whole situation was funny and I
DIDNT. She said that she likes drama..she too old for that bullshit. I go to
sleep and Shellonda texts me about how there were more comments added
on the post after we got offline. I didnt read none of that shit cuz I didnt give
a fuck, I got a message from Myra, she wanted to be bold, so i didnt read it, I
deleted it cuz we had our talk two weeks prior. I texted her and talked to her
at school,believe me she wasnt popping off, that is when i found out the shit
Aisha and Shellonda did. Aisha playin on Myra phone, and her and Shellonda
apparently were the ones who told Nancy about Myra talking about her
before Mike told me and Raya. I also talked to Nancy and Mike to clarify that I
dont have nothing to do with anything and to apologize about facebook. For
about two more weeks I hung around Shellonda and Raya, then I positioned
myself around positive people. I stopped talking to Shellonda because she
likes drama, she is so negative about my dating situation, she is jealous and
doesnt really know me. The last comment she made was that I act like I am
tough and dont need anyone, but in reality it is the opposite. Like Ive said
before nobody has taken to time to know and understand me but a few
people. I do not act tough, I just dont cater to bullshit or stupidity, plus she
likes telling me what people have said about me, I guess to crush my ego. I
dont give a fuck about that. All in all she is an instigator. She is upset in her
marriage. Plus she hang around Aisha who is always in some shit. Aisha
called my phone last quarter telling me abt her and Nancy getting into it, but
Aisha had me on three way with Shellonda, thats some sneaky shit, Shellonda
told me.