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2010-06-06 07:52:31 (UTC)

Friends, How many of us have them? pt.2

Okay, now to continue on from part one. Shellonda and Aisha names were in
all the shit that has been going on. Aisha has issues because she has always
been in some type of drama or psychological episode since I have known her
and that has been since the end of 2008 until now. With the shit that has
escalated at school, i found out by talking to myra(one of the 1st ppl I talked
to when things got heated), that Aisha used mikes cellphone to call myra's
cellphone playin games and shit like she was somebody else to ask myra was
she talking about Nancy. Mind you I did not know why this shit was getting
heated. To make a long story short, somebody told Nancy that Myra was
talking abt her(nancy takes online classes, funny), me and Raya about it, my
retarded ass told Shellonda that they were having drama again, just like last
semester, I didnt know she was gonna tell Nancy because Nancy already
knew, Myra was told by Nancy how Shellonda and Aisha told her about it, Im
fucking defending those two bitches without knowing what they did, Myra
approaches Shellonda and Aisha while around me, ppl r calling and texting
me @ work abt the bs, and then shit gets crazy when Nancy posted that
status. People were telling me how Myra was on a damn rampage at school
tryna figure out who talking about her, now up to this point, Nancy and Myra
are cool again, so Nancy assumes after what she heard that people are trying
to start shit. Myra comes at our table one day, Shellonda lolligagging with
her when she talk shit about the girl, but Myra starts mugging towards my
direction at Aisha. I sensed some animosity, so I am just sitting back, being
observant. I get home the next day or two and I am on the phone with Raya,
she is on facebook and read Nancy's status, which was basically taking up
for Myra, then Myra posted and calling out names. I got upset and decided to
post but Raya aid no. We called Shellonda and she read the post, it was
chaotic after that.