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2010-06-06 07:19:15 (UTC)

Nasty Ass Herman

There is this guy who works with me, named Herman. Me and Herman have
talked before. He is an older guy. His attitude was shitty, plus I think I did the
shit because I was desperate at the moment and got lonely. He would always
fucking assume the worst of me, that is a fucking pet peeve of mine, and he
would tell me this bullshit like he is me and know what the fuck im capable
of. Now when we were talking there was a guy in a half-way house working
there, but he went back to jail. So we stopped talking before the guy went
back to jail, all of a sudden the dude has been released for about a month
now, Herman tryna flirt and touch me inappropriately at work. About 2-3
weeks ago he was touching me on my ass...mind you we have so many
fucking perverts at work that the topic of sex comes about but no one acts on
it because its in a joking manner. He gonna tell me that I was talking about
sex and he wanna stick me...fucking yuck! Besides that, he gets an attitude
and curses at women at work, the only dude who has issues with females,
little bitchy if you ask me. So friday i was highly disgusted because I am
talking about leaving my job and he assumed early that morning that I had an
attitude because i gave a dry hello, i am not a fucking morning person. Then
he starts telling me that I like him and im saying no. How in the hell he
gonna tell me that I like him? So as the day went on he then tells me we are
gonna have sex, and im like no. I go back in the building at work and he
blocks the door tryna make me hug him and im pulling away, so as i am
walking, he rubs my breast. Imma tell dad if he keeps fucking with me.