Life In My Words
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2010-06-06 07:12:37 (UTC)


oh lordy, drama. so last night, when i went to the mall, i
found out that "best friend" snuck over to mr. ex's house
at THREE A.M. so yeah, i was so pissed, i decided to turn
off my phone, make some popcorn, take my collection of
disney movies, and sleep in my second room. in the back of
our basement. scary? yes. quite. wonderful if you want to
be alone? oh yes. so i sang along to beauty and the beast
while throwing popcorn around the room and "dancing with my
prince". so yes, i am officially a loser. but i felt

and then this morning, trying to swat away a
disgusting bug, i dropped my beautiful phone into the hot
tub. so i was almost in tears, and had to go get a new one.
but my new one is cooler, so its okay.

and then, just about
five minutes ago, mr. sexybestfriend told me he was in a
good mood. i said "oh its cuz your talking to me isnt it?
kidding, kidding." and he said yes. ugh. i still like
him!!! im so confused!!


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