Spill My Secrets..
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2010-06-06 04:05:16 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
So. I've never really done one of these online diaries,.
But I need it because when I have so many ideas and if im
really mad or sad I just can't write so this will probably
be better.
Anyway, I have something to tell you. My friend, I
recently found out that she started dating..Another girl.
And she's only 12. Her girlfriend is 15 and they made out,
and even had phone sex. . THE GIRL HAD AN ORGASM ON MY
I don't really like that she's doing this..But if it makes
her happy then, I'm happy for her ? Her girlfriend has
even tried to comit sucide before they got together AND
she had sex with her cousin. (They weren't blood cousins
though) And seriously, I mean I think this girl is a bad
influence on her.
Okay, I will probably by writing more about that in more
entries. So write now, It's two minutes past midnight and
I'm on Facebook and watching TV. Great way to spend my
nightttt. lol I was really tired today so I didn't have
any sleepovers but now I'm not tired but it's to late.
I have to go for a little,
-ILY J. 3