Confessions of madness
2010-06-05 10:19:06 (UTC)

So much for that.

So yesterday i felt things we're happening, that my mother
was finally seeing things go right. I was wrong, things are
going downhill yet again. We all know how its going to end
up, either shes going to run away or she is going to be
forced back into hospital yet again. Unfortunatly im out all
day today, i know i feel bad about leaving her with her
depression coming back but am i such a horrible person for
wanting to spend one day a week to relax with my friends? I
may be such a bad person.
Since my grandparents moved out finally about a month ago
they have not told anyone that they have moved out so we
still get all their mail but we found out this morning that
they did tell somethey moved, the council. But what they
forgot to mention is that WE still live there so now
accourding to the council we are in an abandoned house. Im
not sure how we're gunna sort this one out but no wonder my
mother was a little bit upset this morning which now means
we have to pay full tax i guess with no benifits even though
we have no stable income, my mother is a tested manic
depressive and theres two children in full time education. I
don't think they mean to make a mess behind them but my
grandparents are doing a damn good job.