Life In My Words
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2010-06-04 22:01:45 (UTC)

"aha!" moment

so to totally throw you off, i had a sudden aha moment
today. why am i wasting my time?

by that, i mean mr. sexybestfriend is a huge player and i
just know hes out there dating and hooking up with other
girls. so why am i trying to get him when i dont even want
a boyfriend. im fourteen and this is my summer! i want to
flirt and be slutty. no boyfriends. no tie downs. simple as

buuuut, not quite. i still like mr. sexybestfriend. i just
need to get over him!

and about mr. ex, he texted me this morning, "your a
f****** bitch, good luck with mr. sexybestfriend." i havent
texted him back yet. i wont. i want him to let him know i
am acting like he dropped off the face of the earth. cuz
its true. well, besides when i burned the letters he wrote
me and smashed the necklace with a hammer. all while
laughing like a psychotic madman. so now i hae to decide on i drop off all the shrapnal at his house? or
keep it for laughs? ugh. oh well. not gonna worry about it.

oh and, "best friend" hasnt texted me, so i think shes
getting the idea. good. let her figure it out. took her
long enough. but im off to the mall, so im gonna work on my
flirting skills. im a little rusty after six months. so
wish me luck.


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