Confessions of madness
2010-06-04 19:01:53 (UTC)

Today is today

Most days i cannot believe my luck, that im stuck in this
never ending battle between madness and reality but today
im starting to see the middle ground. Im a good artist,
not brilliant, but i am good, i can do things that i never
thought i would ever be able to do. I saw how happy my
brother was to be around a friend who didn't think that
getting drunk was the coolest thing to do but the best
thing about my day was when i was putting the washing out,
well that wasn't brilliant but when i was standing in the
garden i could hear my mother in the kitchen laughing, not
just a snicker but a proper laugh at what was going on in
the kitchen. Okay it definatly isn't the first time ive
ever heard her laugh but everytime i hear her laugh now,
it makes my day. I know how shes felt during the
depression, i know the feeling of never being able to be
happy again is all surrounding so to hear her laugh just
makes me think that this time, maybe this time shes going
to get better.