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2010-06-04 18:03:32 (UTC)


well, today is June 4th, yesterday I found myself lair to my
friends.. they are all in relationships; starting to have a
personal live.. me just being there agreeing or not saying
things bout myself that are not even trough. Not really a
religious person, but lying about something makes me feel
cooler. Why 'cuz I hate being lied to and do not forget
things like that. Ans just have a feeling that my friendship
with my friend is artificial and not really willing to get
too involved with it. Can not realize my mistake in here; is
having a SERIOUS relationship or lying to them. I think it
was my proud, and still no having trust in my friends in
order to let them know that. Ok I might not be the person I
look like.. My goodness. So, solution, wither I do a guy
before I leave the country and my friends, 'cuz is easier to
lie when u are not close to people you lie to ; or tell the
truth and loose my friends... is sad in a way